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June 07 2012



One of the aspect in Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is security. All individual need security because this will cast away their fears and inhibition. But we cannot deny the fact that we are all prone to natural disasters, accidents and other unprecedented phenomena. There is always the presence of some factors that threaten our safety and as well as the public.

There are always part of the road which we can consider as dangerous to the public such as highways and intersections or crossroads. These part has always been categorized as two of the most dangerous because a lot of accidents do happen in the said places.

People like drivers of small vehicles are threatened when seeing big trucks because in just one wrong turn, it could create chaos in the road. Things like these happen frequently without our knowing. Some of these are due to negligence and ignorance of the rules and safety precautions.

In the United States, there are about 5,000 people who were dead because of accidents caused by large trucks. Almost 106,000 individuals had been injured in vehicular accidents due to truck drivers. Driver fatigue is one of the main reasons for this incidents. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety stressed that drivers who worked for more than 8 hours are likely to be involved in trucking accident. Some trucking companies forge their employee's driving records so that they will not be penalized.

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